Sustainable management of storm and rainwater involves the obvious advantages of containment of runoff, recovery and reuse of the water or reimmission of rainwater into surface waters.
Through the use of Refill-Tech Solutions' products one can avoid or reduce the impermeabilisation of the ground with drainage systems and trenches, maintain the natural rainwater cycle, channelling it through hanging gardens or green roofs and thereby also obtain an improvement in thermal and acoustic insulation, and in microclimate, recover and reuse rainwater, permitting savings in drinking water and lightening the overloads to the sewage systems.


  • drenaggio

    First Flush Rainwater

    The product range for the management of first flush rainwater includes:

    Coalescing filters: TFM 12, TFM 19, TFM 27
    Lamella Settler Packs: LSM 40, LSM 50, LSM 60, LSM 80, LSM 80 PLUS, LSM GRP

    Technical Data Sheets:
    TFM 12 TFM 19 TFM 27 LSM 40 LSM 50 LSM 60 LSM 80 LSM 80 PLUS LSM GRP

  • tetti_verdi

    Harvesting Tanks and Infiltration

    The product range for these applications includes:

    Draining Fill Packs: SWM

    Technical Data Sheets:  SWM
  • pavimenti_permeabili

    Linear Drainage

    The product range for linear drainage includes:
Draining Trenches

    Technical Data Sheets:  Trincee drenanti

  • pozzi perdenti

    Draining Wells

    The product range for draining wells includes:

    Cubodrain, a honeycomb system for the dispersion of storm and rainwater,
    distributed in Italy by Pircher S.p.a.

    Technical Data Sheets:  Cubodrain

  • pavimenti_permeabili

    Permeable Pavings

    The product range for permeable pavings includes:

    Draining Panels: PPD

    Technical Data Sheets: PPD

  • tetti verdi

    Green Roofs

    The product range for green roofs includes:
Draining Panels: GRM

    Technical Data Sheets:  GRM

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