Summer supplies 

Since the summer season is approaching, we kindly advise you to do the proper maintenance works to preserve the performance of your plants:

  • air treatment plants (air handling units, cooling towers, scrubbers, chillers, ventilation systems)
  • water and wastewater treatment plants (settling tanks, biological reactors, oil separators)

The failure or the deterioration of important components of these plants, like random fill media and structured fill mediadroplets separators and humidification panels, lamella settlers, may be the main cause of plants stoppage or failure.

We kindly advise you to stock up on these components or to schedule the deliveries, in order to avoid longer waiting time. Providing us the plant type and dimensions, we are able to give you the best solutions for your needs, including tailor-made products. As well as providing high quality certified products, Refill-Tech offers you technical consulting for any kind of request. 

Check our brochure to know our products or contact us for any further information.


Integrated droplets separators for air ducts

Refill-Tech Solutions designs and produces integrated systems to remove water droplets and dust from air ducts. The final product consist of a containment box, available in different materials, which contains blade-type droplets separators and/or coalescing filters in PP or PVC. The system can be equipped with connections and flanges (circular or squared), and it can be completely integrated in any air duct. It can be employed in many fields:

  • Air Handling Units, air conditioning and humidification
  • Aspiration systems from acid tanks (ex. Chromic Acid)
  • Air Ventilation and treatment (ex. Tunnels)
  • Treatment sections after scrubbers (ex. Dust removal)
  • Combustion gas treatment systems
  • Gas turbines aspiration systems
  • Sulphur removal systems

Download the brochure to have more information or contact us.


Lamella Settlers: the best solution to upgrade wastewater settling systems

Lamella settlers allow to increase the sedimentation surface of settling tanks in water and wastewater treatment plants. Lamella settlers are the easiest way to upgrade existing plants and the best solution to reduce tanks footprint and civil works costs in new treatment plants. They can be employed in primary and secondary settler (rectangular and circular tanks) in wastewater treatment plants, both civil and industrial. Thanks to the wide range of products and materials (PVC, PS, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel), Refill-Tech's lamellas can be used in every settling tank, even in extreme operative conditions.

Starting from the treatment plant analysis and client's technical requirements, Refill-Tech is able to choose and dimension the most suitable lamella and support system, even with tailor-made customizations.

Consult the technical datasheets or contact us for any further information.


Naval sector: drift eliminators for the engine air inlet section 

Refill-Tech presents its components for the naval sector. Nebulized salty water and spray from the wind may cause the corrosion of essential components of the boat, like engines, compressors, generators, electrical parts and machines room components. Refill-Tech's drift eliminators type DEP are the best solution to prevent corrosion thanks to the high efficiency and low pressure drops. These separators, supplied with a proper frame (SS, Aluminium, PP, PVC), are installed in the aspiration system of the boat engine and prevent water from coming inside the machines room. The product can be painted in the same colour as the boat hull. The separators can be used in any kind of boat: yachts, fishing boats, ferries, cargo ships, warship and tug boats. Hereinafter the main advantages:

  • No salty water droplets in the machines room
  • Low pressure drops
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability of the products (successfully employed in industrial air treatment systems)

Consult the products datasheets or contact us for any further information.


Drift Eliminator: CELLULAR MAX 

Refill-Tech Solutions is pleased to present the drift eliminator CELLULAR MAX: in Refill-Tech products line, Cellular Max it is the drift eliminator that provides the best performance thanks to a very low Drift Loss < 0,0005%. It is obtained by the assembly of thermoformed PVC sheets and presents a curved profile with 2 changes of directions. The profile design allows to separate water drops carried by the air flux, with low air pressure drops and very high separation efficiency.

Main applications:

  • Evaporative cooling towers
  • Gases and fumes abatement columns (wet scrubbers and stripping columns)
  • Painting cabins
  • Gas turbines inlet section

Download the technical datasheets or contact us for any further information.

New structured fill media: TFM 09

Refill-Tech Solutions is pleased to present the new structured fill media TFM 09: it is obtained by the assembly of thermoformed PVC sheets with a profile height of 9 mm. The sheets have a crossed type design with 60° inclined flutes with respect to the horizon. The main feature of TFM 09 is its high specific surface (355 m2/m3).

Main applications:

  • Coalescing media for oil and hydrocarbons separation
  • Fill media for trickling filters and compact systems
  • Panel filters for drops or wet dusts interception, as instance in painting cabins and in stones and marble working stations.

Download the technical datasheets or contact us for any further information.

Pad Cooling and Darkening for livestock industry

Refill-Tech Solutions is pleased to present its PVC products for livestock industry.


Our innovative Pad cooling panel is produced by thermoformed self-extinguishing PVC sheets with a patented design. Hereafter the main advantages:

  • Incomparable lifetime respect to the carton version
  • Special design increseas water retention, avoids water stagnation and clogging and reduces the maintenance
  • PVC is fire resistant, avoids putrefying and resists to the majority if chemical products
  • Possibility to receive kits (PVC sheets, glue machine, glue) to assemble the Pad Cooling directly in your factory or on-site.


It is a darkening pad with 4 changes of direction that allows air to go through it but prevents sunrays from coming inside the rooms. The pad design ensures an excellent air distribution without any turbolence and allows to work with velocity range 1 - 8 m/s.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any information.

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