Components for Scrubbers

Scrubber or absporption column is a device for removing pollutants from a gaseous stream, usually dust and acid gases. Refill-Tech produces components for scrubbers, in particular random fill media and drift eliminators, both for vertical and horizontal air flux.

Here below our random fill media for scrubbers: 

  • PALL RINGS in polypropylene PP. Available also in antistatic PP, reinforced fiberglass PP, stainless steel. 
    • RING 15
    • RING 25
    • RING 38
    • RING 50 newly improved and more resistant design (photo)
    • RING 90
  • HOLLOW BALLS in PEHD for floating bed, resistant to the most of chemical agents.
    • SPHERE 25/38/45

Here below our drift eliminators for scrubbers:

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Components for Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air Handling Units (AHU) are devices designed for air and temperature control in indoor spaces. Refill-Tech produces components for AHU and cooling systems, in particular blade-type drift eliminators (for horizontal air flux) and humidification panels

Blade-type drift eliminators are obtained from the extrusion of plastic materials (polypropylene) and are designed to guarantee high separation efficiency and low pressure drops. Our product range allows to treat air fluxes with different velocity and to remove droplets with different size:

Our drift eliminators can be supplied in standard bars or pre-assembled and custom-made bars so that a frame is not necessary (see photo).

Humidification panels are employed to cool and humidify air. Refill-Tech produces two kind of panels, cellulose and plastic ones:

Humidification panels in cellulose are employed when high cooling and humidification efficiency is required, together with low pressure drops. The panel in PVC, Synth Pad, is employed when the pad is required to be efficient but also self-extinguishing, unputrefying and size stable in time.

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Lamella Packs: a must-have for settling tanks

Refill-Tech's Lamella Packs find application in primary and secundary settler (rectangular and circular tanks) of wastewater treatment plants, both civil and industrial ones. Lamellas are the easiest way to improve sedimentation performance and/or to reduce the tank size. Refill-Tech's lamella models are designed with different shapes and projected surfaces, and can be installed in every settling tank even in extreme operating conditions, thanks to the available construction materials (PVC, PS, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel).

Here below we list all our range of lamella packs:

Starting from the treatment plant analysis and client's technical requirements, Refill-Tech is able to choose and define the most suitable lamella and support system, even with tailor-made customizations.

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MBBR carriers: our range is expanding!

Carriers for MBBR technology (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) are an increasingly requested product in wastewater treatment plants to improve the efficiency of biological treatments. The carriers are designed to maximize and protect the useful surface for biofilm growth. Our product range is still expanding thanks to the latest arrival of the product SAGM 900, the carrier with the highest protected surface of the range.

Here below you can find all our product range and the datasheets of each carrier:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or request for quotation. 

Opening of second factory

Refill-Tech Solutions is pleased to announce an important achievement for the company: the opening of a second manufacturing site.

The second factory is located in Via Monza, 128 - 20060 - Gessate (MI) - Italy, and it will be dedicated to part of the production. The new facility will also be the collection point of some of your orders. It will be our care to inform you about the address of delivery of the goods for each order.

Please contact us for any further information.

Ready to use glue for PVC

Refill-Tech Solutions supply ready-to-use glue for the assembly of thermoformed PVC sheets. 

The glue composition is specifically studied to guarantee a high-quality gluing of the PVC sheets. The glue provides high robustness to the assembled product and does not leave any residual. In addition, it is very easy to handle and can be employed in any climatic conditions. Refill-Tech's glue can be used for the assembly of PVC components for:

  • cooling towers (fill media, drift eliminators, inlet louvers)
  • wastewater treatment (lamella settlers, trickling filter media)
  • scrubbers
  • gas turbines

The glue is delivered in iron drums and can be shipped all over the world.

Please contact us for any further information.

Coalescing filters for oil separators

Oil separator is a device designed for the separation of gasoline, oil, greases and hydrocarbons. These devices are usually employed as pretreatment in first flush water treatment plants, generally after sedimentation chamber for solid separation.  There are two types of oil separators, gravity separators and coalescing separators. Coalescing separators are equipped with a plastic lamella filter which promotes the aggregation of lighter oil particles accelerating the natural process of separation by gravity. In this way, the separation efficiency is highly increased and it is possible to reduce the tank size.

The coalescing filters TFM produced by Refill-Tech have the following characteristics:

  • CPI filters (Corrugated Plate Interceptor) with crossed-type design and 60° flutes inclination, as advised by API 421 regulation
  • High corrugtation to promote oil particles aggregation
  • High modularity and customization
  • Suitability for horizontal and vertical layout

Discover more about our models TFM09, TFM 12, TMF 19, TFM 27 by checking their datasheets.

We are available to support you in the design of these systems and to provide any further information. 


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