Ready to use glue for PVC

Refill-Tech Solutions supply ready-to-use glue for the assembly of thermoformed PVC sheets. 

The glue composition is specifically studied to guarantee a high-quality gluing of the PVC sheets. The glue provides high robustness to the assembled product and does not leave any residual. In addition, it is very easy to handle and can be employed in any climatic conditions. 
Refill-Tech's glue can be used for the assembly of PVC components for:

  • cooling towers (fill media, drift eliminators, inlet louvers)
  • wastewater treatment (lamella settlers, trickling filter media)
  • scrubbers
  • gas turbines

The glue is delivered in iron drums and can be shipped all over the world. 
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Coalescing filters for oil separators

Oil separator is a device designed for the separation of gasoline, oil, greases and hydrocarbons. These devices are usually employed as pretreatment in first flush water treatment plants, generally after sedimentation chamber for solid separation.  There are two types of oil separators, gravity separators and coalescing separators. Coalescing separators are equipped with a plastic lamella filter which promotes the aggregation of lighter oil particles accelerating the natural process of separation by gravity. In this way, the separation efficiency is highly increased and it is possible to reduce the tank size.

The coalescing filters TFM produced by Refill-Tech have the following characteristics:

  • CPI filters (Corrugated Plate Interceptor) with crossed-type design and 60° flutes inclination, as advised by API 421 regulation
  • High corrugtation to promote oil particles aggregation
  • High modularity and customization
  • Suitability for horizontal and vertical layout

Discover more about our models TFM09, TFM 12, TMF 19, TFM 27 by checking their datasheets.

We are available to support you in the design of these systems and to provide any further information. 


Components for Scrubbers

Scrubber or absorption columns is a device for removing pollutants from a gaseous stream, usually dust and acid gases.Refill-Tech Solutions provides components for scrubbers, both vertical and horizontal ones. 

    • PALL RINGS 25/38/50/90
      • Materials: PP, antistatic PP, reinforced fiberglass PP, SS 304/316/430
    • HOLLOW BALLS 25/38/45

We are at your disposal to find the best solutions for cost and perfomance optimization. Contact us for any further information.

Components for cooling towers

Refill-Tech Solutions provides components for any model of evaporative cooling towers (cross-flow, counter flow, with axial or centrifugal fans):

We are at your disposal to find the best solutions for cost and perfomance optimization. Contact us for any further information.

Components for water and wastewater treatment

Water is a primary asset for life of our planet, and for this reason it is essential to improve the treatment systems for contaminants removal from water and wastewater. Refill-Tech Solutions' products, thanks to patented design, allow to optimize and improve water and wastewater treatment in any stage of a municipal or industrial treatment plants. As shown in the next image, our products can be applied in the following fields:

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Summer supplies 

Since the summer season is approaching, we kindly advise you to do the proper maintenance works to preserve the performance of your plants:

  • air treatment plants (air handling units, cooling towers, scrubbers, chillers, ventilation systems)
  • water and wastewater treatment plants (settling tanks, biological reactors, oil separators)

The failure or the deterioration of important components of these plants, like random fill media and structured fill mediadroplets separators and humidification panels, lamella settlers, may be the main cause of plants stoppage or failure.

We kindly advise you to stock up on these components or to schedule the deliveries, in order to avoid longer waiting time. Providing us the plant type and dimensions, we are able to give you the best solutions for your needs, including tailor-made products. As well as providing high quality certified products, Refill-Tech offers you technical consulting for any kind of request. 

Check our brochure to know our products or contact us for any further information.


Integrated droplets separators for air ducts

Refill-Tech Solutions designs and produces integrated systems to remove water droplets and dust from air ducts. The final product consist of a containment box, available in different materials, which contains blade-type droplets separators and/or coalescing filters in PP or PVC. The system can be equipped with connections and flanges (circular or squared), and it can be completely integrated in any air duct. It can be employed in many fields:

  • Air Handling Units, air conditioning and humidification
  • Aspiration systems from acid tanks (ex. Chromic Acid)
  • Air Ventilation and treatment (ex. Tunnels)
  • Treatment sections after scrubbers (ex. Dust removal)
  • Combustion gas treatment systems
  • Gas turbines aspiration systems
  • Sulphur removal systems

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