Cools the warehouse with an economical, practical and handly system!

The Refill-tech Solutions team is available for a lookout to propose cooling of the warehouse to solve hot weather, or to refresh the inlet air to the chiller and fridge groups that, due to the heat, may be blocked.The system we propose is able to lower the temperature to 10 ° C, without energy consumption. It will only serve a small amount of running water.


  • High efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Quick installation times
  • Easy handling

See the technical details, or ask to our expert


Drift eliminator in plastic integrated with containment box

Your problem is: dragging drops of water into air ducts?

No problem, Refill – Tech designs and develops tailor-made solutions for you, perfectly integrable with any piping plant..

See technical details, or ask one of our experts.

Refill-tech solutions – the next – generation MBBR carrier: Sagm 650 and Sagm 800

To improve the performance of new wastewater treatment plants and to improve old active sludge plants without the need for excessive civil works, the Refill-tech Solutions Research and Development Division has designed its innovative biomass suspended models, Commonly called MBBR.

Together with the traditional Sagm 500, the new Sagm 650 and Sagm 800 carriers are the best available existing technology. The highs protected surface of 530 and 640 m2 /m3 due to the changes of the shape of the product which from the classic cylindric shape with the same diameter and heights passes into an elongated and lower form, reducing the path of dissolved oxigen, nutrients and organic substances within the structure.


Higher specific contact surface between the biomass and the reflux to be treated ,these products are less sensitive to the temperature variations and to the suspended solids, with high flexibility without any particular limitations due to the shape of the plant. Thanks to the most modern production technology, Refill-tech solutions can meet the growing needs of the global markets, optimizing their costs. 

Products for Cooling Towers

 Refill-tech solutions is able to supply all spare parts for any model of evaporative towers (cross flow or counter flow, with axial or centrifugal fans). The staff is available to size and find the best solution for optimizing costs and efficiency.

Products for Air Treatment Plants

Refill-tech solutions can provide all replacement products for air treatment plants of any model. The staff is available to sizing and find the best solution to optimize costs and efficiency.

  • Air handling panel and cooling air in cellulose or PVC
    • HPC4545 in cellulose
    • Synthpad in PVC or PVC covered by Rayon
  • Drift eliminator profiles for horizontal flow(supplied even assembled )
    • DEP001, DEP002, DEP003, DEP004

Spare parts for Scrubbers


Refill-tech solutions is able to supply all spare parts for scrubbers or washing towers (vertical and horizontal).

The staff is available to sizing and find the best solution to optimize costs and efficiency.

Lamella modules: the best instrument in order to upgrade the sedimentation system

The correct functioning is not only a matter of positioning of inclined lamella.

  1. The success of the system goes through the following phases:
  2. Analysis of application and distribution system
  3. Choice and dimensioning of the product and the support system

Installation LSM40 e LSM50: Primary and secondary treatments; Rectangular and circular tanks LSM60 e LSM80: Compact and lightweight systems

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