The attached grow biomass technology, M.B.B.R., is increasingly requested and used in biological wastewater treatment plants.

What are the advantages of using the M.B.B.R. system?

  • High quality of the effluent
  • Compact design i.e. less area occupied by the plant
  • High reliability and durability system
  • System robustness and stable even in the case of large load variations
  • Excellent purifying yield

Refill-tech solutions has developed and produced the latest bio-media designs: SAGM650 and SAGM800, specially designed to maximize plant purification yields. We are proud to state that the new bio-carriers have confirmed their performance, with improved results compared to previous models.

Here are some testimonials from our Customers:

"I sold your BIOCARRIER material in an aquaculture plant. To date, after 3 months, I can be very satisfied with the choice. The customer is very happy, the biomedia is doing its full duty, and then we say that it's an excellent reference for us (as a plant) and for you"

"The plant has been in operation for almost a year now, and the effluent conditions of the wastewater have improved significantly, and I will refer to you for the revamping of the 3 plants planned for next year."

Supplier registry update - new production site

Refill Tech Solutions is glad to inform you that from 26 Marzo 2018 offices and production will be operative in:


Via Belvedere 14 – 20862 Arcore  (MB) Italy


New systems, new technologies and new spaces ... we are always in continuous improvement

IRAN: a constantly evolving commercial business

The collaboration with the SPINAS company in Tehran has opened the doors for the export of Refill-tech products and know-how in the Middle East. In January, several meetings were held in the core business sectors:

  • Primary and secondary sedimenters
  • De-oiling plants
  • Biological treatments and MBBR
  • Cooling towers
  • Washing towers
  • Gas turbines

The exhibition involved more than 70 companies operating in the "Oil & Gas" and "Waste Water Treatment" sectors. The ever-expanding market has responded enthusiastically to the proposed solutions by opening a commercial bridge with high employment prospects.



Refill-tech solutions, leader in air and water purification, renews its participation in the international exhibition ECOMONDO in Rimini. We are pleased to invite all interested companies to our stand,  to show all products and to consult our engineers with the aim of finding new solutions or solving problems on your systems (or machines).

On this occasion we will exhibit all the products relating to air and water treatment, in particular:

  • Lamella settlers for sedimentation
  • Packs for oil and hidrocarbon separation
  • Packs for Biological Oxidation
  • Trickling filters
  • Biotors filters
  • "Panel" droplet eliminators
  • "Profile" droplet eliminators
  • Honeycomb structured fillings
  • Random filling for SCRUBBER

 WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU!  Padillion D1,  stand 077


Refill-tech solutions renews the product range for air handling units, and offers products and solutions for air conditioning and conditioning units for both new and maintenance installations.

As winter approaches, we invite you to check the conditions of:

  • Humidifying panels in cellulose
  • Humidifying panels in synthetic material
  • Cooling adiabatic panels
  • Evaporative panels
  • Glass-fiber panels
  • PVC + rayon coating panels
  • "Blade-type"droplet eliminators
  • Pre-assembled droplet eliminators
  • Droplet eliminators with steel containment frame


Download the technical schedule


Stainless Steel Lamella Settlers: maximum resistance and durability

The special features of stainless steel enable the use of these products whenever the need to maximize the durability of the product is required or when dealing with high mud loads:


  • primary and secondary sedimentators in sewage treatment plants;
  • clariflocculators;
  • oil and hidrocarbon separators;
  • sedimentators in potable water plants.


Download the technical schedule


Your Solution for Aquacolture

Refill-Tech has designed a range of products for water treatment.
Many customers all over the Europe, have experimented with our solutions, achieving excellent result. Our dedicated team offers a variety of services :

·         Products and Systems for Water Treatment in the acquacolture area

·         Techniques for fish farming, aquariums, and sport fishing ponds

·         Systems for water sedimentation

·         Biological Water Treatment Systems with Supports for MBBR Technology

·         Degassing water system

·         Resale of industry material

·         Technical consulting, sizing, inspections and dedicated solutions

To find out all the new technologies applied to water treatment for this area, download it directly.

To find out more about aquaculture plants, you can download our detailed diagrams

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